About CodeInno

CodeInno is the software engineering firm you can depend on.  In 9 years of operation, we have brought over 100 first-rate projects to life.  We’re not about “one and done” jobs or quick fixes. We build thorough, custom software solutions that grow and change along with your business. 


Enterprise Software Development

We design robust software that supports the complex needs of large organizations. Our software solves your problems and guarantees your efficiency across departments. 

Product Development

From ideation to realization, we build reliable, commercially-viable software products tailored to your business and goals.

Custom Software Development

We firmly believe that one size cannot fit all. We’ll work with you to discover exactly which features and specifications your custom software requires.   

NLP and Chatbots

We design chatbots with natural language processing, which makes them smarter and more intuitive, so you can offer seamless 24-hour support to your customers.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications offer endless possibilities. Let’s work together to see how our app development will improve your business in thousands of different ways. 

Cloud Services Integration

Cloud integration has become essential to the efficiency and scalability of businesses. We work with you on cloud services integration that will be secure and suited to your needs.


Our engineering team is here to offer their expertise and keep your business profitable and efficient. We will analyze your IT systems and strategies and offer optimization solutions. 

Quality Assurance and Testing

Set your mind at ease with quality assurance. We will design the right QA approach for your product, to ensure it is secure, elegant, error-free, usable, and high-performing. 

Web Development

We design websites and web-based applications that will add credence to your brand, no matter the industry or client base.



We implement technology that streamlines and simplifies financial processes. 

Travel and Hospitality

Custom software kept simple for travelers but complex enough to support large agencies, tour operators, hotels, and airlines.

Retail and E-commerce

We design warehouse management systems, online shops, and payment gateway integration that maximize sales.

Education and E-Learning

We make versatile and engaging e-learning products to your specifications.

Media, Entertainment and Telecom

From powerful on-demand platforms to interactive apps, we produce tailored, quality digital media software.


We bring insurance companies to the next level of efficiency with custom automated processes and integrated platform solutions.

Logistics and Transportation

Smart solutions for transport and logistics that make management more efficient and reduce expenses.

Real Estate and Construction

Essential custom designs like CRM and asset management that ensure you can fully integrate with other platforms.

Healthcare and Wellness

Improve patient care, client experience, and operational efficiency with secure and compliant custom-designed software. 

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