Take Business Development to the Next Level


Databook is technology applied to solve that problem. It gives sales professionals access to data-driven insights on:

  • opportunity intelligence,
  • propensity to buy,
  • account-based sales,
  • marketing to accelerate the sales cycle.

    How we made it

    After some researches, we suggested the partner company build a cloud-based application. We were sure it will perform a great job by providing companies with some tools to easily manage:

    • Sales leadership
    • Marketing
    • Account management
    • Sales Operations
    • Value engineering

    The platform has a robust AI-powered analytics system that helps analyze the clients’ activities and online behavior. After that, it runs a reliable prediction and gives recommendations about the customer and prospects.
    One of our best decisions was the full automation of the Sales decks through one-click use. 

      The Outcome

      The platform is a result of the long-term cooperation of Two Teams. Our goal was to develop a product that provides tools to help go-to-market teams hit peak performance – deal after deal.
      The hard work and dedication of our professional teams have resulted in a multifaceted product that allows users to implement Sales & Marketing with multifunctional & easy-usable tools.

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