Video Management Tool

Case Study

Video Tool

Location-based intelligence tool is a groundbreaking solution to get a live video with a detection system for controlling:

  • country’s/city’s activities,
  • traffic,
  • streets,
  • people,
  • buildings

The main purpose of the tool is to improve the efficiency of daily operations, provide safety and prevent unacceptable cases.

    What was done

    Our task was to perform the video management system with several directories: Collapsed, Expanded Zones, and expanded to Sensor Level. The last one also includes:

    • secured data,
    • private data,
    • live data,
    • motion detection,
    • analytics systems.

    The dev team implemented the tool’s architecture and got started with the development of a Mapbox, video wall, dashboard & 3rd party integration. The developed module included a reporting system with an alarm for black list cars that cross geofencing zones. A filtering system was created to find cars based on the plate number and show their routine in a target destination. A separate monitoring system was designed for city security. It was connected to the police system allowing to generate real-time maps, visualizations, and filter data on a date.
    The key feature of the tool was a live feed dashboard, a map-centric interface that reveals the threat level of car accidents displaying it on the screen via corresponding colors and converting a large amount of information into digestible graphs and charts.

      The Outcome

      Our experience in developing video management tools has given a new breath to similar systems that collect behavioral data for alarm։

      • Indexing
      • Filtering
      •  Reporting
      • Triggering

             Via such alarms, it made it possible to streamline processes and augment overall productivity. The ready engine implements its main purposes by monitoring perimeters, zones, tripwires and alerts the operators when something is out of order displaying it on the screen.


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